7429 Super Spiral Set is a Tomica World set which contains lots of spirals

This Set consists of:Edit

x1 Fresh Hitachi

x1 SUV

x1 Tomica World Station

A: x1 Road & Rail Tunnel

B: x5 Straight Rails

C: x1 Sloping Rail

D: x14 Curved Rails

E: x6 Streetlights

F: x1 T-Junction Sign

G: x4 Clip-on Trees

HA: x7 Sloping Curved Rails Labeled "A"

HB: x11 Sloping Curved Rails Labeled "B"

I: x2 T-Junctions

J: x1 Stop/Go Rail

K: x1 Sloping Road

L: x6 Road Girders

M: x7 Curved Roads

N: x22 Rail Girders

O: x1 Straight Road

P: x18 Rail Bridge Supports

Building the SetEdit

Part 1:

What you need: A, 3 of B, 6 of D, All of E, F, All of G, 4 of HA, 4 of HB, All of I, J, K, All of L, All of M, 1 of N, O, 10 of P

Part 2:

What you need: 3 of D, 4 of HB, 7 of N

Part 3:

What you need: 1 of B, 3 of D, 3 of HB, 8 of N, 3 of P

Part 4:

What you need: 1 of B, C, 2 of D, 3 of HA, 6 of N, 3 of P