7423 Super Deluxe Set is a Tomica World set which contains two trains and a car.

This Set consists of:Edit

x1 Animal Express Train

x1 Furano Express Train

x1 Crane Truck

A: x1 Bridge Crossing

B: x1 Long Rail Bridge

C: x1 Tunnel Intersection

D: x6 Double Rail Girders

E: x2 Rail Bridge Sides

F: x2 Road Girders

G: x2 Y-Points Rails (1 male and 1 female)

H: x4 Points Rails (2 male and 2 female)

I: x4 Bridge Girders

J: x16 Rail Girders

K: x2 T-Junctions

L: x1 Switch Rail (without switch)

M: x1 Switch Rail (with switch)

N: x6 Long Curved Rails

O: x2 Double Curved Rails

P: x14 Curved Rails

Q: x2 Sloping Roads

R: x2 Sloping Rails

S: x7 Straight Roads

T: x29 Straight Rails

U: x7 Curved Roads

V: x11 Half Straight Rails

W: x2 Adapter Rails (1 male and 1 female)

X: x2 Stop/Go Roads

Building the SetEdit

Part 1:

What you need: A, The bottom half of C, All of F, All of G, All of H, All of K, M, 2 of N, All of O, 6 of P, All of Q, All of S, 20 of T, All of U, 7 of V, All of X

Part 2:

What you need: B, The top half of C, All of D, All of E, All of I, All of J, L, 4 of N, 8 of P, All of R, 9 of T, 4 of V, All of W