7404 Thomas Giant Set is a Tomica World Thomas the Tank Engine set that contains a giant Thomas

This Set consists of:Edit

x1 James

x1 Duck

x1 Diesel

A: x1 Giant Thomas

B: x8 Double Curved Rails

C: x2 Double Points Rails (panned in the centre, 1 male & 1 female)

D: x20 Straight Rails

E: x16 Curved Rails

F: x1 Quarter Straight Rail

G: x7 Half Straight Rails

H: x14 Double Rail Girders


Thomas enjoyed being a really useful engine, but sometimes he wished that he was bigger so he could be even more useful. One day his wish came true! Thomas had grown into a GREAT BIG ENGINE and now he could also do lots of other important jobs. When his head was raised, Thomas could work like a GREAT BIG Tunnel for 3 seperate rail-tracks. Thomas could also work like a GREAT BIG SHED with spring loaded doors and storage room for all the engines, carriges and straight track. Thomas couldn't wait to tell all his friends. James, who thought of himself as a Really Splendid Engine, didn't like to be outdone, "It's all very well, Thomas!" he said huffily, "But can you still work like a real engine?" "Not only that," replied Thomas. "I can move my eyes. See! And just listen to my wonderful whistle! PEEP! PEEP!" Duck and Diesel chugged round on the upper track to see what all the fuss was about. They were both very impressed, but Diesel was determined not to show it. "Don't get ideas above your station!" he smirked. "You're just an engine, you know!" "Oh no I'm not, I'm a GREAT BIG ENGINE!" said Thomas, happy to be so useful. "Come on, all of you! Why don't you have a race? You can shoot out of the tunnel together! Ready, Steady, GO!"

Building the SetEdit

Part 1:

What you need: The Bottom Half of A, 12 of D, All of E, 4 of G

Part 2:

What you need: The Top Half of A, All of B, All of C, 8 of D, F, 3 of G, All of H