7401 Thomas Medium Set is a Tomica World Thomas the Tank Engine set that contains a drawbridge.

This Set consists of:Edit

x1 Thomas

x1 Wellsworth Station

x1 Tree

x1 Signal

A: x1 Rail Drawbridge

B: x10 Curved Rails

C: x3 Half Straight Rails

D: x1 Stop/Gp Rail

E: x2 Points Rails (1 male & 1 female)


All was quiet at Wellsworth Station, but Thomas was an early riser. He yawned and waited patiently for his driver to couple up Annie and Carabel. "How about an early morning trip round the track to the new drawbridge?" suggested Thomas. "What a good idea!" exclaimed Annie and Clarabel together. When the signal turned green, off they chugged. "There it is!" peeped Thomas, as they approached the new red drawbridge. The little engine wheeeeeeesed across the drawbridge then headed back towards Wellsworth just in time to collect his passengers.

Thomas the Tank Engine sets are compatible with all sets and accessories from Tomica World - The Unique Motorized Road & Rail System. Thomas The Tank Engine and his friends are available seperately. Tomica World is compatible with Tomy Trains. For further information, contact the Tomy Careline.

Expand your Medium SetEdit

What you need:

A, B, 2 of C, D, E, x4 Straight Rails (7480), x4 Curved Rails (7481), x1 Long Rail Tunnel (7491)

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