4763 Percy and Bulgy Set is a Tomica World Thomas the Tank Engine set which contains Percy and Bulgy.

This Set consists of:Edit

x1 Percy

x1 Bulgy

A: x3 Straight Rails

B: x1 Half Straight Rail

C: x2 Straight Roads

D: x4 Curved Roads

E: x2 T-Junctions

F: x4 Sloping Curved Rails Labeled "A"

G: x4 Sloping Curved Rails Labeled "B"

H: x12 Rail Bridge Supports

I: x1 Tunnel Intersection

Expand your Percy and Bulgy SetEdit

What you need:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, x7 Straight Rails (7480), x12 Curved Rails (7481), x2 Points Rails (1 male and 1 female, 7483)